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The Europa-Center in times of the virus crisis

Almost all shops in the Europa-Center had to close. However, some stores have alternatives or advice for you that we can offer you:

Brotmeisterei Steinecke is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

KFC - offers all food as a take-away!

Mission Accepted - Support for you = Support for us!! If you buy a voucher, you can buy the Escape Adventures Book* (value 9.99 €) free of charge. and add free adventure book to cart!! - advises not to buy the first school ranch without expert advice and fitting. Don't worry: even if the store is closed at the moment, take care of all school bags so that they are all still there when the store is allowed to reopen its doors! There are many cool and great motifs there that fit for every back/taste/weight. If you've already discovered a school ranch favorite.... then this will be reserved (without obligation). Just call or write mail: Fon. 030 - 2300 2023 / Mail: / Facebook: @SchulranzenEuropaCenter

Jeweller Ersay Online - offers a virtual tour when it comes to watches, wedding rings and jewellery. Visit the online store at!

We stand together at this difficult time - as a team, with our partners, with Berlin, Brandenburg and with you. Take care of yourself so that we will see you again soon!!


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On 2.4. is my Birthday

Then get in touch here. As soon as we have an exact date for the birthday party, we will let you know so that you can pick up your personal birthday surprise and also take part in the record attempt.

Ich bin dabei

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