The freshly cleared construction site

The freshly cleared construction site

The freshly cleared building site in 1963. A short time later, construction of the Europa Center began. (Image source: Pepper Group, Ivan Krusnik)

Laying of the foundation stone

20 years after the Romanesque café and the neighboring Zoo station were destroyed in a night of bombing, the governing mayor Willy Brandt and client Karl Heinz Pepper laid the foundation stone for the construction phase of the Europa Center.

Topping-out ceremony for the Europa Center

Topping-out ceremony for the Europa Center

Topping-out ceremony of the Europa-Center – Photographers and press representatives document the historical moment (Image source: Photohaus Leppin)

During construction

During construction

Already during the construction work in 1964, the Europa-Center served as a future-oriented backdrop: Here, models and painters pose in front of the elevator of the high-rise. (Image source: Heiz O. Jurisch)

Willy Brandt at his opening speech

The governing mayor Willy Brandt during his speech at the opening of the Europa-Center. Note the solemn seriousness of all those involved, as it was still the case on such occasions at the time. (Image source: Photohouse Leppin)

The point on the “i”

The Mercedes star on the roof ensures that the Europa Center is absolutely unmistakable. With a diameter of 10 m and a weight of 18 tons, the star shines with 681 m high-voltage fluorescent tubes and rotates twice a minute on its own axis. It even made it into the “Guinness Book of Records”: the largest, rotatable and hydraulically foldable neon system in the world.

The cabaret: the porcupines

… in their earlier formation (G. Pfitzmann, R. Ulrich, A. Strietzel, I. Wellmann, I. Wolffberg, j. Herbst, W. Gruner, K. Becker (clockwise from above). The porcupines are the oldest tenants in the Europa-Center. Since 1965 as a former student cabaret to this day, the laughing muscles are activated daily with the stage program. (Photo credit: Manfred Esser, Photo Huber)

“The largest rotatable and hydraulically folding neon system in the world”

It weighs 18 tons, is 10 meters in diameter, rotates twice per minute and lights up with the help of 681 high-voltage fluorescent tubes. Together with the star, the Europa-Center reaches 103 m. The defect in the 4.5 ton rotary drive in 2006 was discovered with the help of a Russian heavy-duty helicopter from April 25-27. April 2007 fixed with the replacement of the engine. (Photo credit: imago / Schöning)

Nice views from the i point

The i-point on the skyscraper with its numerous telescopes was immediately one of the center’s main attractions. Until 1992 you had the best view of the entire city from the west side. Then the viewing platform was closed to the public, also for safety reasons.

The Murano lights in the Europa Center

Some facilities from the early days – such as the Murano lights – have defied any change and are now timeless beauties and are often, with the mirrored environment, a good motif for many photographers. (Photo credit: ullstein Bild / Schöning)